Friday, November 2, 2012

UChicago Crime Report: Attack between 53rd/54th and Woodlawn

Just received this email from the UCPD chief Marlon Lynch. In case you have not, or are looking at Facebook before email, here is the description of the crime:
November 2, 2012            
Security Alert
At approximately 8:40 a.m., Friday, November 2 – a University student walking south on Woodlawn Avenue between 53rd Street and 54th Street while talking on a cell phone was approached by two unknown males walking northbound. One of the suspects pulled the victim’s hair as he grabbed the cell phone. Both suspects fled north on foot. The victim declined medical attention.

Another early morning incident on a relatively populated street. Many crimes happen exactly as we expect: On dark streets in the middle of the night. You may have statistical reasons to relax your guard during the day, whether it be temperature, precipitation, or neighborhood. Having analyzed the data, I can say with statistical confidence that it is unlikely for robberies to happen at 8:40 AM in Hyde Park when the temperature is under 50 degrees. That makes for good research and evidence for policy. Unfortunately, it also makes for bad self-defense strategy. I have heard of robberies happening on rainy Wednesdays in the Loop. Is it rare? Yes. If it happens to you, will you care about its probability? No.

Keep safe and stay aware. Don't let your cell-phones and other devices distract you, no matter what time or temperature it is.

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