Monday, October 22, 2012

UChicago Crime Report: Robbery at 56th/57th and Dorchester

October is shaping up to be a record robbery month in Hyde Park. In the last 2-3 weeks there have been at least 8 separate incidents. That isn't a lot relative to some of the surrounding neighborhoods, but it is a lot for serene Hyde Park. Here are the two most recent incidents.

Incident Location Date/Time Occurred Comment
Armed Robbery Dorchester between 56th & 57th 10/19/12 8:09 PM Three males, one armed with a handgun, took property from a woman walking on the sidewalk off campus / Arrest by UCPD
Robbery Lake Park between 52nd & 53rd 10/20/12 7:55 PM Unknown male and female forcibly took property from a man walking on the sidewalk off campus

Notice the location of that first attack: "Dorchester between 56th and 57th". Sound familiar? In case readers do not recall a piece of advice I said in the last post...
Take smart routes
Blackstone (like nearby Dorchester) is far too dark to walk down at night. There are no other pedestrians around, and there are too many hiding places.
The October 19th attack occurred just a block West of the attack involving the young women. That was also the same block I explicitly mentioned last week as an example of an unsafe travel corridor. Of course, not everyone on campus reads (or even knows about) this blog, but I hope that you readers who do pay attention will continue to internalize those warnings.

Dorchester, Blackstone, and Harper are all popular routes next to the Metra tracks. They lead students to local dorms, public transportation, and shuttle routes. They also apparently funnel students right to awaiting attackers. These streets are just too dark to travel on at night. Don't do it! It is never worth the 3 minutes of saved time to traverse an unsafe route. No one is around at night to intervene or summon help. There are too many shadows and hiding places. There are too many trees to adequately assess incoming pedestrians. Those roads are self-defense nightmares; avoid them after hours.

Praise goes out to the UCPD for making an arrest in yet another robbery. The force has fast response times, knows the area well, and is very good at its job. If you become a victim of a crime, however, the after-the-fact arrest is not going to be too much consolation. Self-defense begins well before you even see a potential threat. Always take the preliminary steps to personal safety so you don't have to play "catch up" with actual physical techniques.

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