Friday, June 8, 2012

UChicago Crime Report: Local Shootings and Robberies

Not quite in the area frequented by UChicago students or residents, but I know of a few people who live this far up on the North Side. Unlike the last time, the UCPD actually filed an incident report on this one. Might have something to do with them catching the suspect, but I leave you the right to reserve judgment.

Incident Location Date/Time Occurred Comment
Aggravated Battery 50th between Cottage Grove & Drexel 6/6/12 7:02 PM Male shot in the arm by suspects who fled in a waiting vehicle / UCPD officers pursued and apprehended one suspect armed with a handgun
Robbery 60th between Stony Island & Dorchester 6/7/12 10:30 PM Two males forcibly took property from a man walking on the sidewalk / Arrest by UCPD
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For the shooting, I would guess that this happened in Houston Park over there (Google Map link here). Probably not something that UChicago community members in that area should be too worried about, but again, no alert got sent out, and most people just don't read the incident report. Probably a personal dispute gone badly, so as usual with most gun violence, UChicago people don't really need to worry about being direct targets. Stray bullets, however, always hit something.

That robbery is a bit more worrisome. The crime probably happened under the Metra tracks on the Midway, or at least around that area. I had a coworker who got robbed there about three years ago. A lot of people think they are safe around this part of campus because a) there is a decent amount of auto traffic (although not at 10:30 PM) and b) they are about 200 feet away from the UChicago Press/Graham School of General Studies. That's a lot of false security though. Robberies happen both in the vicinity of campus buildings and even right on their doorsteps; remember the outrageous Quad robberies of last year? Always stay aware and alert, even if other signs might indicate that you are supposedly "safe".

Also, a salute to the men and women of the UCPD for fast responses and rapid arrests in these two crimes. In both cases, the Department got the perpetrators within 5-10 minutes of the actual incident. Not enough data up here to figure out why they reacted so quickly, whether because a patrol car passed by and saw the attacks, or whether they rapidly responded to blue light phone calls for help. Either way, folks on campus should be heartened by this response. At UChicago, we are often extremely unappreciative of the work that the UCPD does for us. It is so much easier to blame them for their errors and missteps, without recognizing their good work.

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