Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chicago Martial Arts: Rhodes Fusion Fitness in the news!


My teacher's gym is in the news! Flip on over to page 2 of the article:

"Kettlebell Training
Arena: Rhodes Fusion Fitness, 538 N. Western Ave.
Contact: 312-637-9772
Cost: First class is free, $160 for unlimited monthly classes after that
How you'll train: Kettlebells require a bit of heavy lifting. For those new to the training – which focuses on building endurance and strength—the iron balls used for different movements will weigh between 18 and 26 pounds for ladies and 36 to 53 pounds for guys. Prentiss Rhodes, owner of the gym, says weight loss, better posture and greater flexibility occur after about a month. "Over time, your work capacity increases. You'll be able to do more. You definitely gain strength and you will start to see the definition that people look for."

Sadly, no mention of all the body weight and flexibility training that is done to supplement kettlebell. I was also shocked to see that the article, which ostensibly focused on functional martial, strenght, and endurance 'training for the Hunger Games', made no mention of the self-defense classes that are a critical pillar of Rhodes Fusion Fitness. You would think that the stress-addled tributes of the Games would prefer the gross motor movements and muscle memory emphasis of self-defense training to other arts not geared towards extra-gym confrontation.

Excellent public recognition of a great gym. More students always welcome (but bring a water bottle; the complimentary cups will not slake your workout thirst...)


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