Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UChicago Crime Report: Robberies from 51st to 53rd

Incident Location Date/Time Occurred Comment
Robbery Dorchester between 50th and 51st 3/25/12 2:34 AM Unknown male demanded and took property from a man walking on the sidewalk off campus
Robbery 53rd and Ellis 3/25/12 8:56 AM Unknown male took property from a man walking on the sidewalk off campus
(Source: http://www.uchicago.edu/php/safety//viewReport.php?reportDate=1332651600)

Sadly vague descriptions of the crime and the assailants, but the UCPD is doing its best; it can be a little bristly to go into too much detail in a report. Factors such as race and attire can create tremendous bias, especially when divorced from other facts. As usual, UChicago students are always advised to be cautious and aware when traveling around an urban environment. This goes doubly for when it is warm outside.

Take note of the odd times of these attacks. Most crime in this city occurs between 4:30 PM and roughly 11:00 PM. Some neighborhoods experience another violent crime spike at around 2:00 AM, when bars close and a lot of parties call it quits for the night. Hyde Park crime tends to happen at around 4:00 PM and 8:30 PM; it is pretty uncommon to see early morning attacks, and ridiculously rare to see robberies happening as you walk to class.

This just goes to show that robbery and crime can occur at all times of the day. What does that mean for warriors and citizens alike? It means you need to be cautious at all times of the day. Keep in mind the urban safety tips that we talked about before. Exercise them whether it is 9:00 PM or 9:00 AM. The inconvenience that you might incur from forgoing headphones and iPhone is definitely worth it when you steer clear of a potential robber or attacker. Tomorrow, we will go over the next important step in the process of urban safety: BE AWARE.

"Urban Safety: Cross the Street"

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