Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chicago Crime: 7 dead, 32 wounded

Friday: 1 dead, 16 wounded,0,3856219.story

Saturday (Daytime): Six year old girl murdered, 4 wounded,0,1348490.story,0,1207128.story

Saturday (Evening): 5 dead, 12 wounded,0,5075112.story

(There was one more story about Saturday's violence, but the Tribune buried it. As usual. Because of that, it might only record 28 shootings instead of 32. Or I might be wrong in assuming that the 4 shootings on Saturday afternoon were not combined in Saturday evening's total)

For the most part, none of this affects UChicago students, or probably most of the blog's readers. The one that most of this readership should be aware about is the 63rd and Ellis slaying. At around 10:00 PM last night, a man was shot while driving at around 63rd and Ellis. He drove to the UCMC where he died in his vehicle. By reference, 63rd and Ellis is literally 2 blocks south of the South Campus Residence Hall, as well as SSA.

On the one hand, it's hard to not be outraged by the violence. On the other hand, it's also easy to just ignore it and go on about one's day. None of this will appear in the Maroon (UChicago's newspaper), and none of it will enter the daily discourse at Corner Bakeries and Chipotle's downtown. You, however, should care deeply about this.

Whether a warrior or an idealist, your city is important. Historically, warriors fought to defend the home. In our day and age, this might mean something different, but we must at least know our home. If you wish to call this city of yours "home" in any way, you too must learn of both its grandeur and its shadows.

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